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The Floating World 2015 Event
Dates for 2015!

The Floating World 2015 will NOT be happening this year. I realize that some of you have started making plans and some have been asking questions. I was waiting until I had the signed contract for 2016. Now that it is finalized, I can tell you TFW 2016 will be happening on August 5, 6 & 7 of 2016!

We came to the decision not to have 2015 because Louis and I need to take a year off for some self care. We will be taking the time to recharge our batteries. We are going to consider 2015 a Kinky-moon for us!

We will still be working on planning TFW2016 during 2015. So watch the website, Twitter, and Fetlife for updates towards end of September.

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